Hi, and welcome to my Florida Panthers blog!

If you couldn’t guess, I’m a huge Florida Panthers fan and have been since.. well as long as I can remember.
But┬áloving and appreciating NHL hockey is not easy while living in Sweden for a couple of reasons, the two worst being the time difference and the fact that people over here doesn’t seems to care about the best hockey league in the world.
Strange actually..

Anyway, I decided to start this blog so that I’m able to talk about and discuss mainly the Florida Panthers but also other stuff that may be going on around the league.
This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for many years now and it’s because of two of my friends, Luke (Rats On The Ice) and Eric (Flying Fluffy) on Youtube, who inspired me to take this last step and actually make it a reality.
So thanks guys!

I’m hoping of having some great discussions with people and just have tons of fun, and I hope you enjoy the ride as well ­čÖé