So a couple of days into free agency, and what’s happened so far for the Panthers?
Well they’ve aquired Evgeny Dadonov, Radim Vrbata and some dude named Haley who is suppose to step into Thornton’s shoes.

And.. that’s it.
Getting Dadonov and Radim Vrbata was a decent start, both of them will probably be good key players for the team.
But it does not take away the fact that the Panthers have lost Jagr, Jokinen, Smith and Marchessault.
And the free agency is not very hot this year, and players are starting to sign up for other teams so Dale Tallon really needs to put something together, and I think the best option could be a trade.

The Florida Panters, as of now, is NOT a playoff team. They are not even a top 10 team.
The only forwards on their roster that has proven themselfs being able to play and do well in the NHL is Huberdeau, Barkov, Trocheck and Vrbata.
And neither of those players are the type that shows up every night, which this team desperately needed even last season but couldn’t get it.

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And rumors are that some unproven rookies are going to fill out the rest of the roster, and this scares me and other fellow fans.
Dale Tallon said before July 1 that he would be aggressive during the free agency, but being aggressive does not mean that you will end up getting the players you need and want.

I know some of you probably’s going to piss on me now, but last season’s fart by the owners to change direction and give the clown the GM spot, has set back this team many years, and the only option to get back in the game is if Tallon can make some huge trades to get star players.
Star players that show up, that you can count on scoring each and every night.

But I’m asking you, the fans.. do you really think that is going to happen?
The best thing this team has gotten so far this offseason, is a KHL player that has never proven himself in the NHL.
Sure, I have a lot of faith in that Dadonov can do some great damage so I’m not wrecking on him or this signing.
But the Panthers simply needs somehing much bigger in order to succeed, they are a complete mess.

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Demers who signed a 5 year contract last season, is already involved in trade talks. And there’s even talk that the Panthers wanted to trade Demers to Vancouver in order to get Gudbranson back.
And Yandle who signed a 7 (!!!) year contract at the same time as Demers, was asked to waive his clause or some bullshit so that he could be exposed to Las Vegas in the recent expansion draft.

As of now, the Florida Panthers are not a competative team in this league, and probably won’t be for many years to come.
It’s sad that we can already tell, before the season has even had a chance to start, that this team won’t make the playoffs. Yet Again..