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A year ago or so, a friend of mine asked me in horror “is that a Dave Bolland jersey you have”, only seeing the #63 in the sleeve..
– Fuck no! This is a Dadonov jersey!

I can’t believe it and I couldn’t sleep when I went to bed after hearing these news.. Evgeny Da-fucking-donov is back with the Panthers!
I’ve always liked the dude and I never liked that Tallon traded him, I thought Dadonov was on the uprise and they suddenly just traded him to Carolina.

A couple of years later, I got the opportunity to get my hands on his full jersey set from his last season with the Cats, and the red home jersey is my first ever game worn so Dadonov has always been a very special player to me.

But to get back to reality.. his numbers did not really shine the last time he played for the Panthers in 2011-12, but he was on the uprise and were also elected to be at the All Star Skill Competition for rookies I believe.
Well, a couple of years in Ukraine and Russia changed him, and he’s had a pretty nice record his last couple of years + having his best season ever just recently behind him, with 66 points in 53 games in the KHL, also winning the Gagarin Cup after beating my Russian team Metallurg Magnitogorsk in the finals.

That’s huge, and something the Panthers have needed for years!
And playing with Kovalchuk in St. Petersburg only raises the rumors that the Panthers might even sign him too, and that would be a shit load of awesomeness.

There’s been talks about a 1 year deal, and a 3 year deal so I won’t go into details there since nothing actually has been official released yet.
But I really like the fact that the Panthers targeted a player they drafted many years ago, whos game has only improved by the years.
So one can basically say that:

  • The Panthers drafted Dadonov
  • It didn’t work out, so they send him away
  • Dadonov went back to Ukraine and later Russia
  • The ‘D’ man has only improved his game over the years
  • And in the end he’s proven he deserves a spot with this team, and the Panthers wants him back

The circle is complete!

I think this can be a real boost to this team, but really.. I don’t care if it works out or not because I’m just so glad to see Dadonov back with the Panthers again!
This is also a huge set back, a finger in your face if you will, to the Las Vegas Golden Knights as they probably were hoping to have Dadonov on the wing with Shipachyov.

Welcome back Mr ‘D’!