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Bob Boughner everyone!
Pronounced Boog-Nur, but I’m still gonna call him Boner 😉

I honestly know nothing about this guy outside of the small things I’ve been hearing lately that he had some good years as an assistant coach for the San Jose Sharks, which is pretty cool as they got to the Stanley Cup Final once.

But many fans wanted to see an experienced coach and yet again, the Florida Panthers hires someone who has never been an NHL coach before.

So I don’t have much to say here, it’s a gamble and could go either way but the record shows that these first timers don’t stay long.
I’m thinking about Dineen, DeBoer and Gallant.
One should note that Gallant was the head coach for Columbus for a very brief time, but that went by pretty fast as well.

At least he’s no Tom Rowe..
So let’s move forward and welcome Mr Boner to the Florida Panthers 🙂