So there are a lot of rumors regarding that former Devils player Ilya Kovalchuk is on his way back to the NHL, and Florida Panthers is one of the places the rumor-fingers are pointing at.
But is Kovalchuk the right player for this team?

First I want to say that The Hockey Guy on Youtube made an excellent video about this topic, and why he thinks Kovo will chose to go to Vegas, primarily because they recently signed Shipachyov whom Kovo was a teammate with in the KHL.
But I’m not going into that topic very much so I suggest you go watch his video, which you can find here:

With some great arguments there, is there a chance for Kovo to go to Florida?
And do the fans wants to see him dress the Panther on his chest for the next season?

Well, I think people are split on it but I’m on the yay side of it. Why not?
I mean, he’s had some GREAT seasons in the KHL and recently came off his best ever, 78 points and 32 goals in 60 games.
That is some great numbers in the KHL so there are some concerns about how he might due in the NHL, but I think it could be worth a shot.
Evgeny Dadonov, whom is one of my favorite players, is also on the market and was also a teammate with Kovalchuk in SKA, so why not try to target both of them and get a REALLY dangerous line with Trocheck for example? Or Bjugstad?

I think this could be a situation where one or two players can help the Panthers in great ways on the scoring front, and also help out players that has struggled of late, AKA Bjugstad, Smith and Jokinen for example.
Or could even replace any of them.

Now, I’m no hockey genius, but for me.. this is a no brainer that Dale Tallon has to at least try to get.
The Panthers have really struggled with scoring and it SHOULD be their number one priority as of now.
Stop fucking around with other stuff, START GETTING SOME SCORING NOW.
The fans have waited years and years for this, and basically nothing has happened, they did have a great season before the logo change but now they are right back there in the gutter again.

If you have any good arguments for why Kovo or Dadonov should not be targeted by the Panthers I’m listening, but for me this is a no brainer.
And I really like Dadonov and his play, I own a couple of his jerseys as well so it would be cool to see him return to the Panthers, or at least the NHL.
It really was a shame they let him go in the first place, but maybe they can redeem that now?