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So the Panthers finally got a win, as James Reimer shut out the Sabres for his second shut out of the season.
Congratz man, you are awesome!
But the real story is the retirement of Shawn Thornton.

I’ve never met him in person, but this tough guy has to be one of the nicest and greatest people there is, just from watching the interviews he does and all the charity work he’s done over the years.
I believe he said he was going to donate 5000 dollars to some charity thingie if he scored a goal – Huge man, fucking great!
Unfortunately he didn’t score, but that doesn’t matter. The mans heart is in the right place 🙂

Despite much hate from fans on Twitter and shit like that, Thorthy has been a very important part of this Florida Panthers team since he came here 3 years ago, and even though not playing every game, he has been important to the guys in the locker room.
A natural leader one could say.
So it’s sad to see him go, but he’s still going to be around in the Panthers organization and that’s just awesome.

We lover you Thornton, thank you for everything you’ve done!
I’m proud to share #22 with you on my jersey!