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Hey, all you people who for some while now have been very clear on the fact that Tom Rowe is absolutely done within this organization..
I personally never believed that, but there are now more and more talk about that he actually will be on this team in one way or another.

Some people should actually close their mouth while thinking and saying stuff like that, because it’s one thing to want him to leave, and a completely different one to assure other people that he is done and gone after this season.
Yes, he might not be the coach next year.. but he sure damn is still the Florida Panthers GM, and that means he probably will stay like that for at least one more season.
And that’s where the nightmare continues..

If Doug and Viola really believes in Rowe and still wants him to be on this team, then I’ve lost all my faith in them and the Florida Panthers as well, and will probably not tune in for the next season.
Because ever since Rowe took over, EVERYTHING has gone downhill, and it would just be better if they fired his ass and apologized to the fans, admitting what they did was the wrong thing.

And I’ve also seen on Twitter that arena security has been told to be on the look out for anti-Rowe and anti-owners signs or banners.
If that is true, then wow..

If that is true, then you can fucking believe that Tom Rowe will be back for seasons to come, and the Florida Panthers truly will be back in the Dark Ages.
If the owners starts doing shit like that, then I’m seriously leaving this team, because that kind of shit is not acceptable at all.
The fans are not allowed to express their opinions? Without the fans, there are no team and don’t throw the argument that it is done for safety because I hardly believe anyone would go in and have a fight over a statement like “Tom Rowe sucks”.
The obviously knows that the fans don’t like him and think they fucked up, so are the deliberately fucking with us?

A person who treated the players like shit, jepordized the organizations entire future in playing Ekblad AND Luongo while they were hurt and as a result hurting them even more, who acts like an asshole to the media and probably the fans who he meets, who can’t coach and can’t do a GM’s work if his life depended on it..
DO NOT deserve to be back on an NHL team. Not any team for that matter.

And to even think that Doug and Viola still wants this joke of a clown on this team after this disaster, really makes me feel sick.
Brace yourself good people and fans, because Tom Rowe is probably staying, and the nightmare has only begun.