I’ve not felt like doing this the last couple of game because there’s nothing to say.
The season is over for the Panthers and they are ending it the worst way a team ever could.

Reto Berra has let in about 14 goals in 3 games now, and I still bet that Tom “the clown” Rowe will put him in net against the Blues on Thursday.
Because why not? It’s not like they’ve traded for Adam Wilcox and have the opportunity to try out a young goaltender..
And we gave up Grimaldi for him (Berra), who now has 51 points in 68 games in the AHL..

And why play Weegar now when everything is over? Couldn’t you just put Kindl on waivers or whatever and playd Weegar when things actually mattered?
I’m tired of this, and I’m tired of complaining about that fucking asshole all the time, but it just seems like this nightmare won’t be over for a LOOONG time.

Yeah, the season might be over and Tom Rowe might not return as the coach next year, but he’s still the GM.
And there’s a huge risk that he will be either the GM or in some way or another stay on this team, and that is a disaster.
It’s just like Flying Fluffy said in his latest recap video: It seems like the season never started. We are still waiting for the team to get their shit together and fight for every goal.

Even Dale Tallon seemed speachless during the intermission and talked about the situation. He couldn’t of course say anything, and also have a friendly tone out to the public, but you could tell that he was pissed and he knew pretty well what was wrong. And he knew that he wasn’t responsible for it.

Tom Rowe, put a sack of potatoes in charge for the next game and we’ll sure to get a win.
The Panthers had 4 wins out of 15 in the whole month of March, and they still haven’t manage to win a single game in April, and looking ahead on the teams they are facing.. I don’t think we will have another win this season.
15th place, here we go!