Another loss and another back to back game where the clown puts Reimer in net.
Which ended up in poor goaltending and an eventual injury to Reims, so that Berra had to step in.
Berra on the other hand actually played well, but the Florida Panthers, the masters of allowing short handed goals did it again.

Like I’ve said before in my previous recap, that if the Panthers were a good team, they would have gotten their shit together and fought for the remaining points so that they might have a chance to reach the playoff. But no, they all just gave up a while ago, and they deserve it.
The team deserves to be last in the East, Tom Rowe deserves it and the owners deserves it.

I agree on Flying Fluffy, I can’t even imagine what they were thinking about when they pushed aside Tallon for this clown, and asked him to change everything up.
Marchessault has 29 goals this season, which is insane! But nope, Mr Rowe don’t want to give him an extension because “there are so many others that got extensions last year”.
Fuck you Rowe. Just fuck you.
Pack your shit and get out, we never want to see you ever again in this organization. Unless it’s as a assistant janitor.

And to the owners: Fix this shit this off season.
You guys never needed to do all these changes during the off season, and I think all the fans deserves an explanation.

Let’s talk about Reimer..
He’s had a decent season, but he’s not a starting goaltender.
Reimer has been just like Luongo this season, and I’m not talking about the legendary Luongo we all know and love..
No no, we are talking about the 2016-17 Luongo that starts to suck.
Yes people, Reimers game is exactly like Luongo this season, and this is the goaltender we are expecting to have as a starter for years to come?
Well done ownership and Tom Rowe, well done.

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There’s also rumors that Jagr will leave after this season and that’s okay, he’s done enough for this team and to be honest, I wouldn’t want to stay in this mess either if I were him.
I’d pack my things and get out of there, warn other players to go there, just to make my mark on how poorly this team has been handled since last offseason.

Viola and Cifu, give the fans an explanation and give Gerard Gallant an apology.
I’ve loved this team all my life and I’ve spend so much money and passion into it, but unless we can wash our hands of Tom Rowe and this whole disaster for next season, and Tallon isn’t in charge.. I honestly won’t pay to see a single game.
I pay so that I can support the team, the NHL and to see the games in high quality because the Florida Panthers is a huge part of my life, but I won’t support this shit and Tom Rowe. I’m done if nothing happens and I won’t support you guys until he’s gone and the owners cleans up this mess.