Well there isn’t much to say anymore, it’s the same old story over and over again.
Many of us has actually given up on the idea of making the playoffs this season, but I actually looked at the numbers and with a lot of games left the Panthers are only 7 points out.
That shouldn’t be a problem for a good team to catch up on when you have like 10 games left or something.

And after the 7-0 win against the Blackhawks I wanted to believe that IF they kept playing like this, they could have a small chance of making it.
But nope.. torskade (as we say in Sweden) as usual, and against a team we should have won easily against.

It’s just so frustrating as a fan because we’ve had so many ugly years with this team, and after so many years were Tallon actually build up something that could compete and make some damage, we are all back on square one since the day Tallon got “promoted”.
Sidelined I would rather say.

Buffalo is below the Panthers in the standings, and Florida has only won ONE game against them this season and it was an OT win.
I really hope for some huge changes after this season, because this has just been horrible for all of us.