No, the scoreboard is not lying, and no.. this is not Tom Rowe’s wet fantasy.
This is real.
The Panthers pounded the best team in the league 7-0, Marshsmellow scored his first Hat Trick in the NHL and Optimus Reim got his first Shutout for the Cats.. Congratz to both of you guys, awesome work!
Bjugstad scored his first goal in months or something and you could see the relieve in his reaction, and Smith also scored so that was important for this team to get them going. Unfortunately it’s too late.

Even though this game was fun to watch and the Panthers actually played good, you could clearly see that Chicago didn’t bring their A-game and were very sloppy at points.
But hey, I’ll take this and enjoy it anyhow. It’s always fun to give the Blackhawks a taste of their own medicine even if this game didn’t matter for either of the teams.

So yeah this was pretty cool, but Tom Rowe still needs to leave this whole organization. Unless he’s willing to be their new janitor.