Wow, Tom “the clown” Rowe put Reimer in net after a TOUGH game against the Blue Jackets, the very next day against the Rangers!
I mean.. it just blows my mind.
Why put the same goalie in net the day after a tough game against one of the best teams in the league?
Only to have him facing another one of the best teams in the NHL?
And yeah, Reims let in two of the Rangers first 3 shots, and the rest of the team played like a joke. Well done Mr Rowe.
Seems like he hates Reto Berra or something, because there’s been a couple of chances to let him play some games but that bucket-head won’t let him. -_-
If I was Berra, I’d demand to be sent back to Springfield where I at least could play some games and be treated with respect.

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It’s pure luck that the Panthers were able to win this game. Yes they did play better in the second period but Rangers kept coming, and also came back after Barkov took the lead for the Cats 3-2 in the third period.
Reims however did actually play very good so cred goes out to him, he got the Panthers the win without a doubt.
Vanek is still shining out there and set up Jokinen for a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL goal.
Hey Cifu, we have to keep this guy for at least the next season!

Penguins tomorrow at an early game, it’s gonna be shown on Swedish television so I’m gonna be parked in front of the TV with my new amazing Panthers jersey.
Let’s go for another 2 points!