Florida is back on that losing path after a fantastic win against Toronto the other night, it’s starting to get pretty annoying with all these “win one, lose one” patterns.
I do have to say though that they got one goal taken away from them, and actually played a pretty decent game against one of the best teams in the league.

Reims was awesome in net and Vanek got another point, that’s great I suppose but there were too many sloppy plays and 500 passes too much.
That’s what’s really frustrating with this team, they ALWAYS pass too much and try set up beautiful plays, while the other teams just shoot whenever they get the puck.
I saw plenty of plays from Huberdeau and Matheson for example, when they were right in front of the net and had a great opportunity to shoot, but passed the puck instead.. and Matheson shouldn’t be doing those things when the defense needs to be better!
And now we have New York Rangers tonight and the Penguins on Sunday, so this is going to be tough watches.

I wouldn’t say that this season is over, but I have for a long time thought they wouldn’t make the playoffs, and I certainly hope they won’t make it so that we can wash our hands of this disaster that is Tom Rowe and last off season.

I got something special coming up later tonight hopfully, so stay tuned for that 😉