So I told you guys in my last game recap that I had something special coming..
This is very selfish of me but I think I deserve it 😛

My favorite of all time Panthers jerseys is the red classic one with the broken stick logo, and I’ve come to understand that this is the case for many other Panthers fans.
After endless searching on Ebay and other sites for about 10 years. my good friend Patrik found it on an auction on Ebay and I ended up getting it – for a very decent price I might add too, since this is a Authentic On Ice jersey.

And two weeks after the dude send out the jersey, I got an email from him saying that the Canadian Post send it back to him, stating that my address didn’t exist.. which is, to quote James Rolfe, just a bunch of cock-a-dookie.
And they refused to give him a full refund when he tried to re-send it but eventually it did ship out, and this was a very nervous month for me.
And look! The jersey finally arrived! And 10 fucking years of frustration, not knowing if I’m ever gonna own it, is finally over!

And it looks amazing!
Now I feel complete, let’s go kick som Ranger ass tonight!

Go Panthers!