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So the last time the Florida Panthers faced off against the Toronto Maple Leafs saw James Reimer play his former team for the first time, and got the living crap beaten out of him losing 6-1.
Well, Optimus Reim was back in the net last night and payback is a bitch.
Vanek had 4 (!!) assists, Marchessault 2 goals and Smith finally got that monkey off his back and scored a beauty, what more can you ask for?

Tom Rowe would of course lie to us before the game, stating that the team on practice looked like they’ve won 12 in a row or some shit like that, and would you actually know it that the Panthers would go out and play like that?
So yeah, I’ll give you cred there Mr Rowe, but you still needs to get fired.

Both Toronto goals were total and utter bullcrap, as the first one was on a Power Play that shouldn’t have been, Jagr never pulled the guy down.
And the other goal was a clear goalie interference, but the Panthers responded well to the refs fuckery and never gave Toronto a chance to get back in the game.
Well done!
But the man who wanted to let the Leafs back was Mr Rowe, who for some fucking reason played the fourth line on TWO Power Plays..

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Why the fuck would you do that?
If you have a team that has struggled for SO MANY YEARS on the PP, and you finally have a game where everything is going your way.. why put out the fourth line when you get multiple PP chances?
Wouldn’t that be a, I don’t know.. great opportunity to improve on your Power Play and morale of a beaten down kitty cat?
Fucking idiot.

I can though get behind that the fourth line played really well, but the ONLY and ONLY reason you should put them out on the Power Play is if the other lines underperformes.
If he would have played the regular Power Play units they would probably have scored more goals, but instead Mr Rowe decided to give Toronto a chance to get back in the game.
Goldstein said it best: If Toronto scores another goal before the intermission, it’s only a 2 goal game all of a sudden.

Anyhow, the Panthers finally pounds Toronto this season in a much needed win and also nice to see them score again.
2 awesome points, go Panthers, keep playing like this, fuck Tom Rowe!