James Reimer back in net the very next day after allowing 5 goals..
Tom Rowe really is trying to get that work as a South Park writer.

Panthers drop a 2-0 lead and let their rival come back with 3 unanswered goals to win it with only 5 minutes left or something like that.
And how many times have we seen this lately, those late goals that cost the Panthers the game?
I’m not even mad, I knew this was going to happen and I’m actually cheering for all our losses now as it hopfully can lead to the firing of Tom Rowe.

This game however got overshadowed by some very rough play and I want to get in on that a little..
First of all, I don’t get why the Panthers get penalized after tough hits against their own players, that ended up in injury.
Twice in this game this happened, and I can’t for the fuck of life get why Tampa never got a a player send to the box.
I have to say that even though the hit on Ekblad got him in the head, it doesn’t really looks like it was aimed for the head, but it should have been a penalty without a doubt.
Same thing goes when Malgin got crushed, not really a dirty hit but an unfortunate one that hurt him, and yet again only a penalty on the Panthers..

And what’s really disgusting is that the Tampa Bay commentators defended both hits like “it’s the Panthers players fault for getting in the way”.
I mean yeah, the hits weren’t particularly dirty but for fuck sake, players got hurt! Don’t you assholes have any shame? Disgusting!

Eventually I got tired of this game, because it was just too much fighting and dirty plays and too many penalties so I got enough and wrote on Twitter that they should stop the fighting and just play the game.
And one person, I’m not gonna name who, came with the good ol’ argument that fighting and face fights are part of the game and it’s history.
First of all, I don’t have anything against you and I respect your opinion, but I simply just disagree with you.
Face fights are of course part of the games history, but not part of the game as it often occurs AFTER the whistle blow.
The only thing that can make it part of the game, is that one or more players get irritated and that could affect their game.
But come on.. Are we really that stupid and immature that we justify fights with the argument that it can affect someones game?
Or “it’s part of the game and it’s history” ?

If you go out and hit someone on the street it’s assult, but if you are on ice with hockey pads.. it suddenly is part of the game?
Nah, that’s just a poor cave man excuse  to justify fights. That’s the same to say that you can’t play or listen to Metal music if you’re not doing drugs and alcohol, but there are plenty of huge Metal musicians who don’t drink.
Luca Turilli is one of them, he doesn’t drink or do other drugs, and he is one of the most respected Metal musicians I might add and have done some amazing work with Rhapsody of Fire for example.

Florida has now lost 4 in a row and are only 7 points from being dead last in the East, and 7 points out of a wild card spot if I understand those correctly.
I’ve been wishing for it for a long time, but we are soon rid of this awful season and hopfully Tom Rowe as well.
But to be true and honest.. I don’t think Tom Rowe is going away any time soon.
He will continue to be the GM or coach even if the Panthers ends up last in the East, because he loves it.