Well that was an entertaining game, if you are just a hard core or casual hockey fan.
But I’d imagine it wasn’t funny for the Minnesota or the Florida fans including myself..
Well I could enjoy it since I knew this was going to happen, allthough I did not expect the Panther to score 4 goals.
What’s interesting is that Darcy Kuemper started the game, but got pulled in favor of Dubnyk to start the third period supposedly because their coach thought Kuemper let in some easy goals.

And THAT’S how you coach Tom Rowe! You don’t fucking change goalie after 4 quick goals (seen in previous games) when it’s too late.
As soon as you see the goalie or defense is shaky, then you change the goalie.

Just another horrible game by the Panthers once again, one that they actually could reach at least one point but blew it with 5 minutes left.
They also blew the lead a couple of times and you know what.. that’s not how you win games!
And you don’t pull the goalie yet again after the opponent scored an empty net to make it 6-4.
And what does Tom Rowe have to say after the game?
“I thought our guys played a real good game, did everything they were supposed to do”

Wow.. There you have it Ladies and Gentlemen.
I seriously think that Tom Rowe is aiming to become a writer for the tv show South Park.