The Florida Panthers… The Florida Panthers….
The fucking Florida Panthers you all thought was going all the way to the Stanley Cup finals this year, got their ass handed to them by the New York Rangers 4th line.

I repeat…

The Florida Panthers who you all thought was going all the way to the Stanley Cup finals, got their ass handed to them by the Rangers 4th line.

Now I’ve seen and heard some stuff from Flying Fluffy that the Panthers horrible game could be a respond by the team against their own coach, Tome “the asshole” Rowe, for calling certain players out to the media and overall acts like he’s the smartest hockey person there is.
Fluffy did a great video where he talked about the owners, and we are coming back to that but I’m gonna leave a link at the bottom to his video so go check it out. There’s some smart things most naive Panthers fans needs to hear.

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If this really was the Panthers responding to their asshole of a coach, then I’m all for it.
By all means, go ahead and lose the rest of the season on purpose, the sooner we can get rid of Rowe the better!
But deep at heart, I’m still a Panthers fan and I want to see them win all they can so.. I don’t care anymore.
This season and many years from now are destroyed. Dale Tallon had build up something that this team haven’t had in almost 20 years, and then the owners just went ahead and destroyed it all in one post season.
A post season that even got the “expert” to say that the Panthers could be a serious contender for the Cup this year.
So.. getting Yandle, Demers, Reimer, Sceviour, Pysyk and Marchessault is your idea of a Stanley Cup contender?

The owners screwed up, and they screwed up extremely.
And all you fanboys out there just needs to shut up with all your comments like “oh if it wasn’t for them they wouldn’t be here at all” “and all the money they spent on this team” and all this other crap.
Yeah, I know. I know they spent a lot of money and saved this team from moving, and I’m glad for that.
But that doesn’t mean we can’t have balls enough to stand up and say that they screwed up when they actually did.

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It’s like if they bought you a shiny new car, drove you around in it and showed off how awesome and beautiful it was.
That this is what’s coming to you soon.. and then they drove it down the shitter.
What a bunch of bullfuck.
We, the fans pay to see our favorite team. I’ve put down SO much money and passion on this team during my whole life, so I have every right to point out when the owners fuck up for no reason.
Without the fans, there is no team. And this team already have so few of them.

And the next game is against Minnesota.
Well, we can already kiss that game goodbye because that’s a sure loss.
And then what? They face off against Tampa, Toronto and Columbus.. yeah good luck with that.
Since that amazing road trip, the Panthers have collected 3 out of 14 possible points.

Just imagine if they could whip up some wins during those games, how much a better position they would have been in now.
But 3 fucking points out of 14?
Man.. Tom Rowe is standing in a huge bucket of shit right now, he got Luongo hurt and acts like a rude asshole to the media AND his own players.
You can kiss my fucking ass Rowe.

Stanley Cup contender.. haha yeah, I told you all during the off season that this wasn’t looking good when they got rid of Tallon as the GM and promoted Rowe instead, and on top of that wanted to change the teams direction and philosophy.
I knew that this wasn’t a good idea, and then all the trades and moves started..
I fucking told you so, but no one listened.

I hope you enjoy this shit-fest that is Tom Rowe’s Florida Panthers, because it’s here to stay 🙂

Go check out Fluffy’s video, some well choiced words about this whole situation: