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Yeah since Flying Fluffy is sick I’m gonna have to fill in for him here, so.. 2 POINTS!

Man that did feel good even though it was a shootout win, which is where the bad stuff’s coming again..
The Florida Panthers had a hard time beating a team they should have won easily against during regulation.
Both Jaromir Jagr and Vincent Trocheck scored to take a 2-0 lead for the Cats, but there were some very questionable calls from the refs, as it seemed they blew the whistle before Bjugstad scores whilst the replay clearly shows how the puck crossed the line before the whistle blew. Fucking bullshit and the Panthers should have been more mad at it, because it gave the Canes a point in the end.
Barkov had an absolute beauty of a goal in the shootout, too bad Trocheck didn’t scored because it would have been as much of a beauty 😉

Luongo was back in the net and had a pretty decent game, can’t complain much there really so hopfully this will be the start of something good for both him and the Panthers.
Still nothing has happened on the trades as the Trade Deadline closes in, today in fact.. and our beloved Tom Rowe still doesn’t want to change anything. Now isn’t that wonderful?

Let’s talk about Huberdeau..
Since his return, he has played 11 games and have 11 points. One point per fucking game and that’s something the Panthers hasn’t had in soo many years so just go ahead slap a “star player” sticker on his helmet!
Since his return, the Panthers has played really well and that’s why a team is in need of a star player. This team was very nice and solid last year with every line scoring basically, and a fourth line that played a very well defensive game – but no players who qualified as star players.
It worked out for them but it hasn’t worked at all this year, and this Florida Panthers is in desperate need of a Stamkos, a Crosby or a Malkin player.
A player who you can count on scoring or be on the score sheet every night

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But that’s probably never going to happen to this team, and especially not if clown GMs like Tom Rowe is in charge..
Let’s hope for something at least, and two more points on Thursday against Philly!
Get well Fluffy!