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It’s that wonderful time of the year again, and I’m of course talking about the Trade Deadline.

The time that every team in the league (except for the Panthers) goes crazy for trades. Why they often never trade before is a mystery, but here we are and what’s in store for the Panthers?

Well, Florida is known for being SO FUCKING PASSIVE at the Trade Deadline, almost letting every other team make their moves, improve and then the Panthers can scrap up the left overs that no one wants.
So it’s always fun speculating in what this years Trade Deadline holds, so I had a little conversation with my friend Patrik and ask what and who the Panthers should be targeting during March 1.

It’s a hard question really..
Realistically I don’t think there will be big names traded to the Panthers, since Rowe has clearly shown he isn’t interested in changing up their roster and showing an attitude of “everything is perfect as it is”.

There might be a great name on the market for the Panthers, but fans shouldn’t count on star players like Duchene for example.

And since Tallon’s been clear on that he wants to add a little something to boost up their Power Play, I think Patrick Sharp or Thomas Vanek could be a great fit.
I do believe the Panthers in that case will end up with Sharp since Tallon has a history of wanting to bring back former Blackhawks players.

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And I pretty much agree with Patrik there, Vanek is someone I brought up cause I’ve heard that the Florida Panthers has shown interest in him. I would be glad if he where to become a Panther but it would yet again feel like the typical about-to-be-washed up veteran player that decides to end his career in South Florida.

We also got into talking about the defensive and goalie situation that has been struggling much of late, and we both agree on that neither Luongo or Reimer are fit for the #1 spot, but there are no starters out there available and the only ones I could think of was Flurey and Halak.
Many will raise their eyebrows because of those two names because none of them has had a very good season so far, but hear me out..

Both Halak and Flurey are use to be starting goaltenders and also be among the best in the entire NHL, and how would you feel if you suddenly where shot asside by some youngster who kicked your ass?
That’s at least what happened to Flurey, and it takes some time to get back on track mentally and find your game again.
And that’s something I think both Flurey and Halak could get from a fresh start on a new team, so why not the Florida Panthers who actually is in need of a star goaltender?

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Patrik said and I fully agree, that the Panthers has basically never had a star goaltender that you can read about in the news or on the NHL webpage.

“Another shut out by…” and so on, like Minnesota Wild’s Dubnyk or Montreal Canadians Price. Or… Flurey and Halak?
Getting Flurey or Halak is of course a huge gamble but the goalie situation right now is pretty harsh, so I think it could be worth a shot.
The Panthers needs to protect a goalie for the upcoming Expansion Draft and it’s probably not going to be Luongo, but if they would get Flurey for example, there would be a chance to either protect a great starting goaltender, or basically lose nothing.

Leaving the goalie question and closing this whole discussion out, I asked Patrik what he wants to see the Panthers get, both realistically and purely fantasy.

Well the only realistic player I see that could be a great asset will have to he Patrick Sharp.
Otherwise I would of course like to see other players such as Vanek, Landeskog, Duchene or Fluery.
But we are probably going to have to be set on that nothing will happen at all, because Tom Rowe is showing no interest in changing his roster.

And that pretty much sums up my thoughts as well. It would be awesome to get players such as Landeskog, Duchene, Flurey or Vanek but none of them will probably play for the Panthers after March 1.
I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but fingers aim to point at the same passive Florida Panthers as usual so I’m not expecting any big or interesting trades.

What do you think the Panthers should get at the Deadline?
And what do you actually think the Panthers could get?
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