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So the Panthers lose again, third straight and this one stings a lot and you Panthers fans know why.
Many of you out there was considering the season’s over if they lost this game, but think of it.. The Panthers aren’t that much out of the playoffs, just by a couple of points. And there are plenty of games left and on top of that, they recently had a 5 game winning streak out in the west so this might happen again.

But there is no beating around the bush now, the Panthers HAS to win ALL they can for the rest of the season.
Not only to get to the playoffs, but also to be in shape for the playoffs as well.

This game wasn’t really a bad one but the Senators took advantage of some poorly defensive game (yet again..) and also scored short handed.
Now I’m just gonna come out and say it, the Panthers has allowed too many short handed goals and that really is pathetic.
It tells the whole tale of this poor defense that has stung the Panthers all season long.
Reims looks good in net even though he has some flaws, but he’s pretty much the one that’s gonna carry the Panthers from now on.
There was an article last night by George Richards where Luongo stated that he doesn’t deserve to play, and there are speculations that there might be something else that bobby lue is battling.. we’ll just gonna have to wait and see, but from now on, my bet is on Optimus Reim as the #1 goalie.

But the offense is not there either, almost 40 shots against Anderson in the net and I believe Goldstein at the end of the game said there were over 70 shot attempts that missed the net or got blocked.
Over 70 shots!!!

I’m just gonna cut to the chase here: The Panthers needs to buy offense during or before the Trade Deadline, and start working all over again for that blueprint Tallon worked on for so many years, that Vinne, Doug and Rowe completely destroyed during the off season.
The Panthers has nothing in their systems anymore to go for, the players coming up during injuries can’t help out as they did last season and all of what Tallon build up has just gone down the shitter.

But since the Panthers seemed to enjoy their stay out in the west, I’m gonna close this out with some Running Wild for you. I think you need it..