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Boy, oh boy, did that Calgary loss stung hard..

After a pretty decent game against Edmonton and actually a decent third period against the Flames, the Panthers still find themselfs winless on home ice since the return of that awesome road trip. And now the next threat is Ottawa and man, do we need this win badly!

But might the wind blow in our way this time?
The Senators comes off a 3-0 loss against Carolina, so it should be a team out for revenge.
Hopfully the Panthers can take advantage of this and beat down Ottawa even more, and the way the offense has played recently I think there’s a good chance.
But the defense HAS TO PICK IT UP!
We fucking have Yandle, Demers, Ekblad, Petrovic and Matheson.. awesome players that are not living up to their names right now.

Ekblad who is suppose to be their star player, franchise player and such and such.. has dropped everything in his game this season since he got the “A” on his jersey, maybe Tom Rowe should consider stripping him from it?
I personally think the pressure got to him being the alternate captain and I don’t see a better option than to strip him of it, and give it to Thornton who is a great leader in the locker room according to.. well the whole team.

Yandle has just been a huge disappointment whole season long and have often been there when the goals are scored against, together with Ekblad.
Demers.. well Demers has been great on the offense but he is a -8, so I would rather see some defensive game from his side than contributing on the offense.
The only two defensemen that has been good/decent this whole season has been Matheson and Petrovic, but they are no star players that either should or could carry this team.
Pysyk has been average, would have been better with keeping Kulikov or Gudbranson in that spot.

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Hopfully the D can get things done tonight and Reims getting the call.

The Panthers can’t afford to lose anymore in this season, and no stupid excuses anymore!
They are now 28-22-10 this season.
Compare that to last season that ended 47-26-9..
Man, what went wrong?