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So the Cats got burned by the Flames falling 4-2 after a pretty harsh game.
This game was a hard one to watch because the Panthers just dropped it all in the first period, being down 3-2 after Bjugstad took the lead with a fucking rocket of a shot. Beautiful stuff!

But as soon as the second period started, the Flames took a 4-2 lead and that was pretty much it.
I have to give the Panthers some huge cred because they never gave up and kept pushing, but unfortunately Chad Johnson was great in goal for Calgary.
I also have to say that I didn’t think Engelland’s 3-1 goal should have counted because Luongo got his glove shoved in and couldn’t reach out to make the save. Bullshit call that cost the Panthers their time-out.

But there are some problems that I mentioned in my pre-game talk, and that is the defense and it sucks.
The last couple of years the Panthers has been a team that never scored much, but they never let many goals in as well, so most of the games were one goal games.
The only real thing the Panthers needed to get over the threshold was more goal scoring, and this season we have gotten less of that and more goals against.

And I fully agree with Flying Fluffy, that these tight defensive games has gone out through the window together with Gudbranson and Kulikov. Players that Dale Tallon said the Panthers should build their future around.. unbelievable.
And on top of that, Luongo has struggled a lot this season, and it really feels like he’s done by now.
Even after many days of rest he still couldn’t bounce back and just feels ver sloppy.
We all knew he was getting older, but unfortunately I think this might be the end for this legend.

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Even if we win or if we lose, I still don’t like Tom Rowe and think he should get fired.
And Doug, I love you man and I’m really thankful for you supporting my blog, but you can’t just revamp a team when they’ve just had their best season ever.
Part of that blame should go to Vinnie Viola of course, but.. argharkhskargka it’s just so frustrating!

This team has had a rough time getting basically anything done without Huberdeau for the first 51 or 52 games, but once he returned things have started to turn around and.. that’s no good!
This team needs to work without ONE player being out, it did it last year with injuries to major players such as Barkov, Jagr, Huberdeau and Trocheck.
Anyone remember when both Luongo AND Montoya were hurt? And who stept in, if not Dan Ellis and played HUGE for this team.
We have gotten none of that this season.

Ottawa on Sunday, that’s gonna be a tough game but we have to get 2 points there, and during regulation time.
The Panthers simply can’t afford to lose more and especially not to division teams like the Senators.

Go Panthers!